Made baby W some longies: he better slow up on the growing for winter

April here.   I’m pleased to share that I will be available for custom knit longies!  After some practice, I’m ready to sell.  Please contact me for pricing – my prices will be different than Nachomama’s due to a different pattern style.

Baby W is growing… fast.  Weighing in over 17# in less than 4 mo, he is hard to keep up with on the needles. 

Here are a pair of longies I made him for the winter.  So far, they fit. 

I also included a photo of him in his new pants.


They’re not really Black & White

April here.  I wanted to share with you a project Mandy and I did together.   The recipient knows the gender of her soon-to-arrive baby… but asked we keep it a secret.  For now, check out our work in Black & White & once baby arrives, we’ll share the colors with you.

Mandy custom dyed yarn.  Here are some photos of her process:

I made the diaper cover & Mandy made the booties & hat for this new baby. 

We’ll update when baby arrives to show of Mandy’s excellent colorwork!

On the needles

I’m working on 2 projects right now. Usually, I limit myself to just one at a time, to make the most project. Occasionally, I’ll do something really detailed. Then, I’ll have 2 projects going on — one that I can work on when I’m with the kids and one for when kids are in bed.

Here’s the kids in bed project:

These some amazing fair isle mittens for a gnome loving friend They are knit on fingering weight yarn on size 1 needles, so they will be taking a while. This is 2 or 3 evenings of work while nursing the baby and watching a movie with DH.

That’s the back side, with a floral band.

And the front

 Gnome shoes!

I’m looking forward to updated on this as I go. I’m really excited about this project.

Also in the works, a pair of longies, dyed by me

Cotton Candy pants!

I love how these turned out! They are so sweet and girly. I dyed up this yarn just for this darling custom.


and the ruffle butt

Blogging from my phone!


Totally an experiment to see how easy it is to blog from the phone. I ordered a couple of new, license free patterns tonight. So, we’ll now be offering the Something Beautiful Shrug and the Jumping Around Jumper from Dakine Knits. I’ll try to remember to link when I’m not on the phone. Sounds like a hassle.

I wound up some of that freshly dyed yarn. Totally quick pic:

Busy busy busy!

I’m suddenly super busy! We’ve had a few days of cooler weather and it seems people are starting to think of fall and outerwear. Keep an eye out for some nifty customs in the coming weeks. So, what have I been up to?

Well, I dyed up some stuff for the customs

When they are totally dry, I’ll ball them up and take better pics.

I am just about finished with Baby Girl’s rainbow longies. These are a size M, so they should fit at some point this winter. Man, it’s hard planning sizes ahead! I still need to do the i-cord for the waist. I’m also debating about duplicate stitching a rainbow on the booty. That was my original plan for these, but they are so cute as is, I’m just not sure. Thoughts?

Oh, all of the yarn in the rainbow was dyed by me! That was part of a busy busy weekend in May.

I just did another yarn order for some MORE customs I have coming up, plus a customer has ordered her own yarn, but is having it shipped straight to me. I love waiting for yarnie mail! It’s almost as much fun as waiting for diaper mail.

I’m trying to figure out what all projects I’m doing for the kids for fall/winter. It looks like Mr Man’s awesome elephant hat will fit again this year. I’ll have to figure out what he wants for gloves/mittens. He also seems to want a sweater of some sort. I’m not finding any ideas that really grab me. I’d like some sort of hooded cardi. Any ideas? Baby Sister has plenty of fall/winter stuff. Still working (read: procrastinating) finishing up her panda hat. It is literally 5 minutes of stuff until it is done. I don’t know why I don’t just do it. Bleh. I’ll need to figure out something for me for winter, too. I lost one of my fabulous pop top gloves last year. Still hoping it will turn up. Otherwise, I’ll be doing another pair of those for myself and a matchy hat. I would LOVE to actually get around to making myself the green Tubey sweater that I bought yarn for a million years ago. I got pregnant not too long after I bought the yarn, so it seemed like a good idea to wait. That might be a next year project.

Catching up-a custom, stuff you can buy and a baby pic!

Here’s the pics I said I was going to put up.

First an adorable custom for my favorite photographer Amanda.

 These are shories for her little guy. I LOVE the colors of this yarn!

Next up, a plain jane soaker for baby sister for fall. I wanted something to just go under regular pants.

Here’s something for you to buy! This hat is brand new, never worn. Sized to fit a newborn. It’s cotton with a flower and a drawstring to customize the fit on teensy heads. This is machine washable on gentle (dry flat). I’m thinking $12. If you’re interested, comment here or email me at



Last thing, remember this skirty, well here it is on baby sister! She’s so darling! It looks just perfect with her Very Hungry Caterpillar tee. I’m super excited to get more use out of this as the weather cools. I’m thinking skirty with baby legs for fall.





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