Finished tiny baby stuff and some bright and beautiful yarn

This romper and matching hat are headed out to be someone’s coming home outfit! I’m so very excited and can’t wait to see pics!

IMG_1264 IMG_1261 IMG_1263 IMG_1260


Here’s a gorgeous kettle dye that is almost slippers.




This yarn was a beautiful sunshiney custom



My latest colorway and tons more recent works!

Here are two custom orders that I’ll be dyeing and knitting.


which is working up into



and this



which will be longies. I think that blue one looks like a beautiful watercolor painting the way it’s knitting up. Love it!

This is a girly rainbow scrappy set I did for a trade

IMG_1079 IMG_1082


These were some instocks, only one pink and blue left now

IMG_1091 IMG_1096


and this is my new colorway “Barbie & the Rockers”, born from a custom order. Does anyone but me remember those dolls? Barbie had a big blond afro almost? They came with a cassette tape of their music, which was awesome in the same way that Jem and the Holograms’ music is.

IMG_1116 IMG_1117



I am just crazy for the hot hot pink and purple there! Might have to make some of that up for myself. This one is self striping, but expect to see more off this, in different styles.

I just finished this custom for a trade. The yarn is O Wool (not dyed for this). The pattern is Tomboy Overalls, which makes overalls, short-alls or skirty-all for a few different sized dolls, from 7″-15″. I liked that this pattern had several options, for the pocket, there were, like 5 different sized hearts or squares. It was well written. I’ll be making it again for sure. This pair will be headed to Keiki Nani for one of her Waldorf dolls

IMG_1075 IMG_1074 IMG_1073

Kettle dyed, hand painted and a self striping

Here’s a kettle dyed custom I did. “Lady Alex”. This is on superwash merino DK. It is amazingly soft and so beautiful it was hard to give up!



and the flip side



This set was for the winner of the charity auction I did recently, to raise money for the family of a girl hit by a car (and recovering nicely). It is so super girly! On Cestari Fine

IMG_0742 IMG_0744 IMG_0745


This is a sister skein of this fabulous rainbow with black, which I’ve named After the Storm



by request, it’s self striping

IMG_0973 IMG_0981

In stock yarns for you to buy and the last of the testers

Here are the very last 2 testers that went out. I really enjoyed this process. I met some really nice gals and gained some great feedback. Thanks to all who participated.

IMG_0660 IMG_0601


And some in stock yarns:

Gaia Bulky $20 each
This super soft base is perfect for newborns or those with sensitive skin. I would definitely call it “heavy worsted” rather than bulky.

This colorway is subtle tonal blues, beautiful!
Gaia Bulky
My attempt to show the variation

Gaia Bulky

4 oz ~ 152 yds
Mountain Meadow Wool $21 each
This worsted base is soft, but stands up to toddler use. I’m proud to offer this environmentally friendly base! From their vegetable based cleansers to the small ranches they work with, the company is all about sustainability.
IMG_0647 IMG_0645
and a cousin to that colorway
3.5 oz ~196 yds

Organic O Wool $21
This is an awesome base! It is naturally processed, so a little more matter in it. It has great stitch definition and wears so well. This is an amazing base for a crawler as it almost never pills. It is spun in the US from cruelty free sourced organic merino fleece.
4 oz ~226 yds
IMG_0639 IMG_0638

Licorice Twist (1120, the light worsted)
This is the 1120, a light worsted. This base is really soft and cuddly. The thinness makes is a great choice for summer woolies.
a honking 6.9 oz $40 ppd

4 ply Merino,
This economical base is sourced from humanely treated sheep. I’d call it medium on both softness and pilling.
3.6 oz, $14 ppd


New yarns and some FOs (not by me)

I’ve been waaaaiting for a big order of yarn to come my way and it finally did! 30 skeins of Purewool, some of which are being dyed as we speak and 10 of superwash merino dk. Then, as soon as my cards come in, soon, I hope, I’ll be listing some instock yarns. Here’s the latest custom to go out:

indoor light


and out



Also, here are some of the finished items from my yarn testers.

By The Knitting Addict



By Melissa Kittle’s Knits for Littles





By 2 other talented mamas

photo 4




Self striping and gradients!

As I’m wrapping up my testers, I’ve been able to experiment with some different, new to me techniques, which has been really really fun. In the latest, I rocked self striping yarn. We will definitely be doing more of this. It was so fun and I can’t wait to see how it knits up. This is on a twist sock base that I hadn’t tried before, but really like the look of. Inspiration photo

IMG_0035 (2)


Another view. You can see the barberpole effect especially well on the darker blue in this pic.



And that yarn wound



Can you tell I love this yarn?


Here is one of the gradients



And the other



that same yarn wound from the opposite direction



On the knitting side, I’ve been working on a lot of projects for the family. I have 2 adorable new pairs of longies finished, just need to lanolize and take pics. I’m working on a blanket so awesome that it will need its own post and on a pair of socks for me with yarn from an indie dyer swap I was in. This was super fun to do! I got


from my swap partner TwoToast. I’m working on Leyburn Socks, a lattice pattern type job. They are very pretty so far, but this is definitely a after kid bedtime project. I’ve made a number of socks before, but none with this type of patterning. It’s definitely a more interesting knit than plain. We’ll see how I like them when they are done.

In other exciting Nachomama news, I have a new logo in the works and some yummy yummy yarn headed my way. There is a giant blob of worsted squishiness headed my way from Uraguay and a bit of superwash merino DK from South America coming as well. I’m enjoying experimenting with different yarns and figuring out what’s going to be part of our regular stock.

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