Busy busy busy!

I’m suddenly super busy! We’ve had a few days of cooler weather and it seems people are starting to think of fall and outerwear. Keep an eye out for some nifty customs in the coming weeks. So, what have I been up to?

Well, I dyed up some stuff for the customs

When they are totally dry, I’ll ball them up and take better pics.

I am just about finished with Baby Girl’s rainbow longies. These are a size M, so they should fit at some point this winter. Man, it’s hard planning sizes ahead! I still need to do the i-cord for the waist. I’m also debating about duplicate stitching a rainbow on the booty. That was my original plan for these, but they are so cute as is, I’m just not sure. Thoughts?

Oh, all of the yarn in the rainbow was dyed by me! That was part of a busy busy weekend in May.

I just did another yarn order for some MORE customs I have coming up, plus a customer has ordered her own yarn, but is having it shipped straight to me. I love waiting for yarnie mail! It’s almost as much fun as waiting for diaper mail.

I’m trying to figure out what all projects I’m doing for the kids for fall/winter. It looks like Mr Man’s awesome elephant hat will fit again this year. I’ll have to figure out what he wants for gloves/mittens. He also seems to want a sweater of some sort. I’m not finding any ideas that really grab me. I’d like some sort of hooded cardi. Any ideas? Baby Sister has plenty of fall/winter stuff. Still working (read: procrastinating) finishing up her panda hat. It is literally 5 minutes of stuff until it is done. I don’t know why I don’t just do it. Bleh. I’ll need to figure out something for me for winter, too. I lost one of my fabulous pop top gloves last year. Still hoping it will turn up. Otherwise, I’ll be doing another pair of those for myself and a matchy hat. I would LOVE to actually get around to making myself the green Tubey sweater that I bought yarn for a million years ago. I got pregnant not too long after I bought the yarn, so it seemed like a good idea to wait. That might be a next year project.


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