In stock yarns for you to buy and the last of the testers

Here are the very last 2 testers that went out. I really enjoyed this process. I met some really nice gals and gained some great feedback. Thanks to all who participated.

IMG_0660 IMG_0601


And some in stock yarns:

Gaia Bulky $20 each
This super soft base is perfect for newborns or those with sensitive skin. I would definitely call it “heavy worsted” rather than bulky.

This colorway is subtle tonal blues, beautiful!
Gaia Bulky
My attempt to show the variation

Gaia Bulky

4 oz ~ 152 yds
Mountain Meadow Wool $21 each
This worsted base is soft, but stands up to toddler use. I’m proud to offer this environmentally friendly base! From their vegetable based cleansers to the small ranches they work with, the company is all about sustainability.
IMG_0647 IMG_0645
and a cousin to that colorway
3.5 oz ~196 yds

Organic O Wool $21
This is an awesome base! It is naturally processed, so a little more matter in it. It has great stitch definition and wears so well. This is an amazing base for a crawler as it almost never pills. It is spun in the US from cruelty free sourced organic merino fleece.
4 oz ~226 yds
IMG_0639 IMG_0638

Licorice Twist (1120, the light worsted)
This is the 1120, a light worsted. This base is really soft and cuddly. The thinness makes is a great choice for summer woolies.
a honking 6.9 oz $40 ppd

4 ply Merino,
This economical base is sourced from humanely treated sheep. I’d call it medium on both softness and pilling.
3.6 oz, $14 ppd



Dye prices

I just updated the “About” section with prices for my hand dyed yarns. If this is something that interests you, shoot me an email at You can design your own yarn, leave it to me or we can work out something together. I use professional acid dyes so your knitted items can be as wash fast and light fast as possible. I’m happy to use food dyes if you’d like my kids to help with the dyeing process. They love it and come up with some creative combinations, like the Big Brother Sweater.

Prices for hand dyed yarn, for a 3.5 or 4 oz skein:

Purewool- $14

100% Merino- $14

Cestari Traditional- $12

Cestari Fine- $20

Blackberry Ridge- $20

Gaia- $20

Mountain Meadow Wool- $21

Licorice Twist- $21

Subtract $4 from pricing for solid or semi solid. 2 oz solid or semi solids also available. Scrappy sets also available. Prices do not include shipping. If you’re interested in a different base, message me. I can likely oblige. Look for the selection of yarns to expand as my little dye business expands!

Also in the works is my very own lanolizing wool wash formula. I’ve been working on perfecting a natural wash, free of chemical fragrances. All of my line will be scented with only pure essential oils. We avoid artificial fragrances around here, especially for baby. The cleanser is natural, too, coconut based. I’m still in the tester stages with these, sending out a sample bottle with each order.

Catching up-a custom, stuff you can buy and a baby pic!

Here’s the pics I said I was going to put up.

First an adorable custom for my favorite photographer Amanda.

 These are shories for her little guy. I LOVE the colors of this yarn!

Next up, a plain jane soaker for baby sister for fall. I wanted something to just go under regular pants.

Here’s something for you to buy! This hat is brand new, never worn. Sized to fit a newborn. It’s cotton with a flower and a drawstring to customize the fit on teensy heads. This is machine washable on gentle (dry flat). I’m thinking $12. If you’re interested, comment here or email me at



Last thing, remember this skirty, well here it is on baby sister! She’s so darling! It looks just perfect with her Very Hungry Caterpillar tee. I’m super excited to get more use out of this as the weather cools. I’m thinking skirty with baby legs for fall.





Introducing April!

Hi! I’m April. I’ve been knitting since I was 7 (yikes.. that means almost 20 years) off and on. My first project was a “big bird yellow” blanket for my barbies. Lots of cross country skiing and engineering school kept me busy until recently with the birth of my kids. I’m not a person who likes to sit still, so I revived my craft while holding my sweet littles.

I’m at home with my kids this summer taking a break from my other life as an engineer. I’m licensed to sell two products: Vanilla baby diaper covers and the Dear Liza hat (special thanks to Annie for sharing this pattern with me). I’ll list both of these as finished objects as I have them available. I’m most excited about being able to knit the diaper covers “custom”. Here are the details.


I primarily knit on a Your Yarn My Needle (YYMY). You pay the cost for the cost of the yarn and I provide the labor. At this time, I strongly prefer you select Cascade 220 wool for your yarns to ensure quality. I’m hoping to expand to custom dyes in the future. If you have a special yarn you are interested in having me use, please let me know and we can discuss our options.

Knitting prices are as follows:

  Newborn Small Medium Large Extra Large
Vanilla Soakers $18 $20 $21 $23 $24 $28 $27 $33 $30 $35

Note rates are introductory for August and September 2011. In October, prices will rise to align with EviePants pricing by Nachomama and Mandy.

Wool items do not come lanolized. I am happy to provide instructions on how to lanolize. I’m happy to lanolize for you for an extra $5. Please note that this will delay your shipping time by several days while they dry.

I am also willing to ship products at your expense. I ship first class with a delivery confirmation. I love it when you let me know how you like things when they arrive.

Standard sizing:







Waist 12” 13.5” 15.5” 18” 19.5”
Hip 13” 16.5” 19.5” 22” 24.5”
Rise 17”* 19.5” 21” 22” 23”
Crotch Width 3.5” 4” 4.5” 5” 5.5”

 *Note newborn sizing comes with buttong down flap for umbilical cord.

Dear Liza hat $20.

I’m happy to do matching hats or booties as well. Message me about pricing at

Diaper cover soaker garmets are knit with permission from Love Unlimited using a cottage industry license.