Catching up

I forgot to talk about the soapy things I made. These were by request, felted soap covers.

I know, you’re thinking, “They don’t look felted to me”. Well, they aren’t. Yet. Apparently, they felt up as you use them and it makes your soap last longer. So, those are knit right around some nifty handmade soaps. See, just ask me for whatever random thing you want. I’ll just figure it out. I made those for a trade for some baby toys. As mentioned before, I do love the trades. Interested in trading? Holla at me.


I finished a pair of sock monkey-ish longies.

I think the butt of these would’ve been a great place for my BFF, duplicate stitch, a monkey, a banana, whatever. This mama wanted to keep things more simple and neutral, evoking the idea of a sock monkey without screaming “I have a monkey face on my butt!”. They turned out super cute.

I’m keeping pretty busy with project at the moment. Doing some secret stuff, finished a baby sweater (not for my baby), just waiting on buttons. I’m working on new pop top mittens for me. Next up is likely going to be a hat to donate. I’m very inspired.




These are the start of my pop top mittens for this fall/winter. Love the colors together!!!

I can’t believe I’ll miss working on these



(Blogging from my phone again, excuse any weird formatting)
These mittens have become a part of my nighttime routine. I put kids to bed and sit down to watch a movie with my hubby and work on these mittens. I feel like I’ve been working on them forever and, indeed, it has been a long while. In fingering weight yarn, on size 1 needles, only while kids were asleep… At any rate, they are finally both done!

I’m really pleased with them. I can’t wait to deliver them to my gnome loving friend!