4th of July set for baby Rory and more

I’m a little behind on the blog, but not behind on the knitting! I finished this pair of 4th of July longies for a friend last week or the week before. I LOVE them!


and back

The stripes aren’t wonky, it’s just really hard to flatten the booty out for pics. I make it nice and roomy for cloth dipes.

Also, I just finished a YYMN (your yarn, my needles) custom for a trade. I really really like the way this yarn looks.

Custom for Shandelle

They have a nice little ruffly cuff. Very girly and cute! That was my last custom until after baby comes. Now, I’ll be cranking out some stuff for baby girl! Stay tuned.


Fourth of July set for baby

I am super duper excited with this set! I found the onesie at a consignment sale. I just need to cut and serge it.

Close up for front

and the back. Ya’ll know how I love the ruffles

Custom for Hilary

Just finished up a custom pair of longies for Hilary! The patterning is all from the yarn, it just did that all by itself. Pretty nifty.

More booties for Christina

Christina loves to get people booties! This pair is another cashmere set. I love this yarn so much. It is so fluffy, like knitting a cloud. It will feel amazing on tiny feet.