Tons more stuff for baby

I’ve been on a tear, doing tons of baby stuff.

That kimono sweater I mentioned before

 I need to get better at photographing this stuff!


A super adorable cabled set! This is done on Malabrigo Chunky, soooo soooo soft!

And a better shot of just the hat

A teensy sweater. This is my first go at lace work. Not bad, I think.

The buttons are from my grandma’s button box. I feel so fortunate to have it. We sat and sorted everything out a while back. It’s so much fun to go through it all, checking out the neat old buttons, remembering my grandma.


I LOVE duplicate stitch!

I’ve been slacking a bit with the blogging, but not with the knitting. I’ve finished several super duper cute projects for my actual baby. I also finished several projects for customs, but, um, I forgot to take pics before they went to their forever homes. Oops! I blame pregnancy brain.

My new favorite thing is duplicate stitch. I just love pictures stitched on the the butt and legs of little kid items. Here’s the Pink Squirrel soaker.

I went on a dyeing spree over Memorial Day weekend, made up a bunch of stuff for dreamed up projects for baby girl. All of the yarn in the next project is dyed by me for this specific project. I am so pleased with how this all turned out. These are my Koi Pond longies.

The front

Details on the front, the fish, I came up with this chart myself

The lilly pad, also a chart by me

The tiny fishes on the ties

The back

And a closeup of the back

Can you tell I am in love with these little pants?

I have some more yarn dyed up for another super cool project I have all planned out in my head. I also just finished this baby kimono. It needs to be blocked and have a button sewn on before it’s ready for pics. I’m working on a pair of cabled longies right now. I have one more custom I need to buy yarn for. It’s just a little one. Hopefully, I’ll have some more cool pics coming soon. Before too long, I’ll have an actual baby to model all this stuff!