LOTS of new stuff!

Catching up and adding a LOT of new projects.  Here’s some that I actually remembered to take pics of (mostly on my cell phone, sorry)

Fish pond soakers

More socks, love this Alphabette Zoope yarn

This AMAZING (if I do say so myself) Bowser hat

Look how adorable that kid is!

Love this Shasta Daisy yarn!

Dyed by me with food dyes!

Convertible bloomers (need buttons yet)

Hat for me

Breastfeeding symbol longies!!! Yarn dyed by the very talented Mandy James

A closer look

Soaker made from leftovers

Something Beautiful Shrug, made for a trade and tops that will become dresses for the same trade

Man, I’ve got to work on my photography skillz, eh?

Giraffe hat, love this

Another one of that hat

Newborn hat for a photog friend

Myfirst lace project!!! The Immie Tee. Love this!

The back of that soaker, love the duplicate stitch

Baby girl’s hat

And tiny mitts

And button sweater. LOVE these buttons! I think this really really turned out nicely.


They’re not really Black & White

April here.  I wanted to share with you a project Mandy and I did together.   The recipient knows the gender of her soon-to-arrive baby… but asked we keep it a secret.  For now, check out our work in Black & White & once baby arrives, we’ll share the colors with you.

Mandy custom dyed yarn.  Here are some photos of her process:

I made the diaper cover & Mandy made the booties & hat for this new baby. 

We’ll update when baby arrives to show of Mandy’s excellent colorwork!

Catching up-a custom, stuff you can buy and a baby pic!

Here’s the pics I said I was going to put up.

First an adorable custom for my favorite photographer Amanda.

 These are shories for her little guy. I LOVE the colors of this yarn!

Next up, a plain jane soaker for baby sister for fall. I wanted something to just go under regular pants.

Here’s something for you to buy! This hat is brand new, never worn. Sized to fit a newborn. It’s cotton with a flower and a drawstring to customize the fit on teensy heads. This is machine washable on gentle (dry flat). I’m thinking $12. If you’re interested, comment here or email me at nachomamasknits@gmail.com



Last thing, remember this skirty, well here it is on baby sister! She’s so darling! It looks just perfect with her Very Hungry Caterpillar tee. I’m super excited to get more use out of this as the weather cools. I’m thinking skirty with baby legs for fall.





Introducing April!

Hi! I’m April. I’ve been knitting since I was 7 (yikes.. that means almost 20 years) off and on. My first project was a “big bird yellow” blanket for my barbies. Lots of cross country skiing and engineering school kept me busy until recently with the birth of my kids. I’m not a person who likes to sit still, so I revived my craft while holding my sweet littles.

I’m at home with my kids this summer taking a break from my other life as an engineer. I’m licensed to sell two products: Vanilla baby diaper covers and the Dear Liza hat (special thanks to Annie for sharing this pattern with me). I’ll list both of these as finished objects as I have them available. I’m most excited about being able to knit the diaper covers “custom”. Here are the details.


I primarily knit on a Your Yarn My Needle (YYMY). You pay the cost for the cost of the yarn and I provide the labor. At this time, I strongly prefer you select Cascade 220 wool for your yarns to ensure quality. I’m hoping to expand to custom dyes in the future. If you have a special yarn you are interested in having me use, please let me know and we can discuss our options.

Knitting prices are as follows:

  Newborn Small Medium Large Extra Large
Vanilla Soakers $18 $20 $21 $23 $24 $28 $27 $33 $30 $35

Note rates are introductory for August and September 2011. In October, prices will rise to align with EviePants pricing by Nachomama and Mandy.

Wool items do not come lanolized. I am happy to provide instructions on how to lanolize. I’m happy to lanolize for you for an extra $5. Please note that this will delay your shipping time by several days while they dry.

I am also willing to ship products at your expense. I ship first class with a delivery confirmation. I love it when you let me know how you like things when they arrive.

Standard sizing:







Waist 12” 13.5” 15.5” 18” 19.5”
Hip 13” 16.5” 19.5” 22” 24.5”
Rise 17”* 19.5” 21” 22” 23”
Crotch Width 3.5” 4” 4.5” 5” 5.5”

 *Note newborn sizing comes with buttong down flap for umbilical cord.

Dear Liza hat $20.

I’m happy to do matching hats or booties as well. Message me about pricing at april_privett@yahoo.com.

Diaper cover soaker garmets are knit with permission from Love Unlimited using a cottage industry license.


I LOVE duplicate stitch!

I’ve been slacking a bit with the blogging, but not with the knitting. I’ve finished several super duper cute projects for my actual baby. I also finished several projects for customs, but, um, I forgot to take pics before they went to their forever homes. Oops! I blame pregnancy brain.

My new favorite thing is duplicate stitch. I just love pictures stitched on the the butt and legs of little kid items. Here’s the Pink Squirrel soaker.

I went on a dyeing spree over Memorial Day weekend, made up a bunch of stuff for dreamed up projects for baby girl. All of the yarn in the next project is dyed by me for this specific project. I am so pleased with how this all turned out. These are my Koi Pond longies.

The front

Details on the front, the fish, I came up with this chart myself

The lilly pad, also a chart by me

The tiny fishes on the ties

The back

And a closeup of the back

Can you tell I am in love with these little pants?

I have some more yarn dyed up for another super cool project I have all planned out in my head. I also just finished this baby kimono. It needs to be blocked and have a button sewn on before it’s ready for pics. I’m working on a pair of cabled longies right now. I have one more custom I need to buy yarn for. It’s just a little one. Hopefully, I’ll have some more cool pics coming soon. Before too long, I’ll have an actual baby to model all this stuff!

Fourth of July set for baby

I am super duper excited with this set! I found the onesie at a consignment sale. I just need to cut and serge it.

Close up for front

and the back. Ya’ll know how I love the ruffles

Coming home outfit

I finished baby girl’s soaker to wear home from the hospital. Check out the little flowers on the drawstring! The shirt I had custom made to match. I love it!

I can’t wait to have an actual baby to put in all of this adorable fluff!

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