Finished tiny baby stuff and some bright and beautiful yarn

This romper and matching hat are headed out to be someone’s coming home outfit! I’m so very excited and can’t wait to see pics!

IMG_1264 IMG_1261 IMG_1263 IMG_1260


Here’s a gorgeous kettle dye that is almost slippers.




This yarn was a beautiful sunshiney custom



LOTS of new stuff!

Catching up and adding a LOT of new projects.  Here’s some that I actually remembered to take pics of (mostly on my cell phone, sorry)

Fish pond soakers

More socks, love this Alphabette Zoope yarn

This AMAZING (if I do say so myself) Bowser hat

Look how adorable that kid is!

Love this Shasta Daisy yarn!

Dyed by me with food dyes!

Convertible bloomers (need buttons yet)

Hat for me

Breastfeeding symbol longies!!! Yarn dyed by the very talented Mandy James

A closer look

Soaker made from leftovers

Something Beautiful Shrug, made for a trade and tops that will become dresses for the same trade

Man, I’ve got to work on my photography skillz, eh?

Giraffe hat, love this

Another one of that hat

Newborn hat for a photog friend

Myfirst lace project!!! The Immie Tee. Love this!

The back of that soaker, love the duplicate stitch

Baby girl’s hat

And tiny mitts

And button sweater. LOVE these buttons! I think this really really turned out nicely.

Girly Evie Pants and Young Einstein rambling

Got a pair of longies for Baby Girl lanolized. I’m already knitting a size M for her. She’s wearing the S/M size and it fits great, but she’s growing so quickly, I want to make sure I’m able to keep up. These are a little girlier than I normally go. I bought the yarn in a Purewool co-op. It’s 3 ply, dyed by them. I think it’s really pretty and girly.

In other news, I am really loving this Little Rascals pattern. I’m working on the Young Einstein cardigan. The E-book has a pullover as well. They all start the same way. The pattern is super well written AND, at the end, it has charts and tips for my very best friend, duplicate stitch! Soooo, I might have to be throwing some pockets on this bad boy to put embellishments on. There are options for 2 styles of pockets in the pattern. It really has a lot of customization available, collar, hood or neither, various pockets, different edging and cuffs. Totally worth the price! Here’s a sneak peek of how it’s going. Remember, this is the yarn that Big Brother and I dyed together. He wanted it to be rainbow-y and it definitely is!

Catching up

I forgot to talk about the soapy things I made. These were by request, felted soap covers.

I know, you’re thinking, “They don’t look felted to me”. Well, they aren’t. Yet. Apparently, they felt up as you use them and it makes your soap last longer. So, those are knit right around some nifty handmade soaps. See, just ask me for whatever random thing you want. I’ll just figure it out. I made those for a trade for some baby toys. As mentioned before, I do love the trades. Interested in trading? Holla at me.


I finished a pair of sock monkey-ish longies.

I think the butt of these would’ve been a great place for my BFF, duplicate stitch, a monkey, a banana, whatever. This mama wanted to keep things more simple and neutral, evoking the idea of a sock monkey without screaming “I have a monkey face on my butt!”. They turned out super cute.

I’m keeping pretty busy with project at the moment. Doing some secret stuff, finished a baby sweater (not for my baby), just waiting on buttons. I’m working on new pop top mittens for me. Next up is likely going to be a hat to donate. I’m very inspired.

Orange you glad I’m done with these

Well, I finished some stuff up. I finished a super awesome pair of Evie Pants longies in a 2T size with some super soft amazing yarn. AND I forgot to take a pic. Maybe I can convince the mama to get me an action shot so I can show them off. I’m blaming baby brain on the lapse. I’m also blaming baby on the lack of knitting and blogging about knitting going on around her.

At any rate, I finished some stuff and took pics. Here’s the orange longies I was working on before. I ended up changing out the trim color. It’s now less rusty than it was here.


What’s more, 1 mitten down, 1 to go:

The palm:

The palm with the other side of the thumb showing:

Now, remember, these are the “no kids are on me” project, so the going is slow. Also, for knit nerds, these are done on size 1s. They have been super fun so far and I’m really pleased with them. I’ve started on the other one. Maybe it will be done before they are needed…

On the needles, stripey longies and the other mitten. Up next, a hat to match the longies and  a hat for me!

Made baby W some longies: he better slow up on the growing for winter

April here.   I’m pleased to share that I will be available for custom knit longies!  After some practice, I’m ready to sell.  Please contact me for pricing – my prices will be different than Nachomama’s due to a different pattern style.

Baby W is growing… fast.  Weighing in over 17# in less than 4 mo, he is hard to keep up with on the needles. 

Here are a pair of longies I made him for the winter.  So far, they fit. 

I also included a photo of him in his new pants.

On the needles

I’m working on 2 projects right now. Usually, I limit myself to just one at a time, to make the most project. Occasionally, I’ll do something really detailed. Then, I’ll have 2 projects going on — one that I can work on when I’m with the kids and one for when kids are in bed.

Here’s the kids in bed project:

These some amazing fair isle mittens for a gnome loving friend They are knit on fingering weight yarn on size 1 needles, so they will be taking a while. This is 2 or 3 evenings of work while nursing the baby and watching a movie with DH.

That’s the back side, with a floral band.

And the front

 Gnome shoes!

I’m looking forward to updated on this as I go. I’m really excited about this project.

Also in the works, a pair of longies, dyed by me

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