Almost done

I am almost done with Big Brother’s rainbow sweater! I’m hoping to get out from under my pile of laundry (4 baskets to be folded today!) and finish it today. He tried it on this morning and was soooo happy. We still need to decide on pockets and dig around buttons. I am very fortunate to have inherited my grandma’s button box, so we’ll be sifting through that together later today.

Up next, I’ll probably go back and finish my fantastic Glittens. I sort of left them off when I started the sweater, thinking I would work on them both, and was so into the sweater that I never picked them back up. I’m hoping to simultaneously work on an awesome hat for BB. I’ll be doing a big reveal on that when I get done. I’ll probably then list a custom for said hat on The Plum Line and, maybe, one on Diaper Swappers in a WAHM trading thread. I would LOVE to trade some knits for WAHM gifts for the kids!

I really need to buckle down and get to knitting. I’ve been slacking a little, working on another project. Check it out if you’re so inclined

I did take some time last week to go to a knitting party where we taught several folks how to knit. It’s so fun to spread the love and so cool to have a little knitting circle. Our herd of kids romped about the playroom while we worked on our projects. Very Little House on the Prairie!


Girly Evie Pants and Young Einstein rambling

Got a pair of longies for Baby Girl lanolized. I’m already knitting a size M for her. She’s wearing the S/M size and it fits great, but she’s growing so quickly, I want to make sure I’m able to keep up. These are a little girlier than I normally go. I bought the yarn in a Purewool co-op. It’s 3 ply, dyed by them. I think it’s really pretty and girly.

In other news, I am really loving this Little Rascals pattern. I’m working on the Young Einstein cardigan. The E-book has a pullover as well. They all start the same way. The pattern is super well written AND, at the end, it has charts and tips for my very best friend, duplicate stitch! Soooo, I might have to be throwing some pockets on this bad boy to put embellishments on. There are options for 2 styles of pockets in the pattern. It really has a lot of customization available, collar, hood or neither, various pockets, different edging and cuffs. Totally worth the price! Here’s a sneak peek of how it’s going. Remember, this is the yarn that Big Brother and I dyed together. He wanted it to be rainbow-y and it definitely is!

Bought a new pattern

Man, I am on a pattern buying binge! I just purchased the Little Rascals ebook with a pullover, a cardigan and vest. There’s also a doll/stuffed animal sized sweater, too. I wasn’t intending to buy a cardigan pattern, but I changed my mind at the last minute and picked one out. I’m only 12 rows into the other and this pattern seems really well written, with a lot of options. I’ll let ya’ll know how it turns out.

Cartman hat

A dear friend of mine from back in the day, Ratso,  is fighting cancer, taking chemotherapy. I feel so sad about this. He is my former roommate, someone I really care for, even though our lives are so very different now and we don’t talk as much as we once did. So, I knit him a hat. It’s getting cold, more so, I imagine if you don’t have hair. I offered him the choice of a hat with duplicate stitching saying Fuck Cancer (my aunt had one of these before she died. It was pretty awesome.) or a Cartman hat. We used to watch South Park together all of the time and I’d actually made him a Cartman hat when I was a very new knitter. He chose the Cartman hat. I picked some 3ply Purewool, a favorite for baby items. It is soft as a marshmallow. I know hairless chemo heads can be sensitive, so I wanted something soft enough for a newborn. (If you know me, you know I’m super picky about what yarn is and isn’t soft enough for my newborn.) So, I dyed it up, the same weekend Big Brother and I dyed the yarn for his cardi. Now, Ratso is a bigger fellow with a largeish head, so I made him measure it to make sure I would be making something big enough. Then, I just sort of winged the pattern because I’m awesome like that. The result:

Then, I really wanted to cast on for Big Brother’s cardi before I went to bed. Well, I was planning to do the Something Beautiful Shrug and modify if to be full length (instructions are given). Well, it was late and I was trying to figure out what to do to add buttons down the whole thing and it was just too confusing for 1130 at night. So, I decided I need to make it as is before I try revamping it. Then, it was back to the drawing board, aka Ravelry pattern search. You know, it is almost impossible to find a seamless pattern for a plain, stockinette stitch cardigan. Just a regular cardigan. No stitch pattern. No poofy, weird sleeves. Just a regular cardigan. I finally found one ish. I cast on and I love the way the yarn is working up so far. We’ll see how it all pans out, I suppose.

More blee bloo blah

Tonight’s plan is to finish up the super awesome Cartman hat I’m making for a friend. Pics coming soon. I dyed the yarn for this. I’m very pleased with how it’s looking. Next up, I’m going to have a go at the Something Beautiful shrug, but modified to be a full sleeve, full length cardi for Big Brother, with the amazing yarn we dyed together. I’ll probably cast on for the surprise animal hat then, too. After the hat is done, I’ll get back to my pop top mittens! Then, I’ll be ready for some more customs. Oh, fall knitting, I do love you!

I’ll be hitting up a brand new yarn store, hopefully, on Friday! This is big big news!

For Pete’s sake

I’ll tell you, I would blog a lot more if I didn’t have to get pics from my camera to the computer to do it. There’s always a MILLION pics on my camera, of kids, of yarnie stuff, diapers I’m selling, all sorts of stuff. Then, I have to sort it all when I put it on the computer. So, I’m forever procrastinating that job and it causes me to procrastinate blogging. Excuses, excuses, I know.

Well, here’s this darling sweater. I did a little matching hat, too, just because I’m so nice. 🙂

The buttons aren’t on yet, as the mama will be adding them herself. I can’t wait to see what they look like!

I went on a dye binge weekend 2 weeks ago. Big Brother and I dyed some yarn that will become his cardigan. He picked the colors, helped me mix them and showed me where to pour them (with a little color blending guidance). It turned out beautifully! I can’t wait to make this into a super cute little sweater for my big boy.

I dyed up some other yarn that I’m knitting up right now. I’ll talk about that another day.

Oh, I’m now involved in an Etsy store, The Plum Line, with two good friends who are also very talented knitters (and 1 very talented dyer so far!). Very exciting stuff!

Last exciting thing for tonight, I just got a new pattern that I am super duper excited about! I’ll soon be knitting one up for the Etsy shop. I don’t want to divulge too much yet, but it is a themed hat, which I so super love, especially for the wee people.