New logo and cards!

I just got my new logo and I’m ordering cards! I’m excited to have the option to order eco friendly cards on recycled paper printed with soy ink! As soon as they come in, I’ll be tagging some in stock stuff to list.


Self striping and gradients!

As I’m wrapping up my testers, I’ve been able to experiment with some different, new to me techniques, which has been really really fun. In the latest, I rocked self striping yarn. We will definitely be doing more of this. It was so fun and I can’t wait to see how it knits up. This is on a twist sock base that I hadn’t tried before, but really like the look of. Inspiration photo

IMG_0035 (2)


Another view. You can see the barberpole effect especially well on the darker blue in this pic.



And that yarn wound



Can you tell I love this yarn?


Here is one of the gradients



And the other



that same yarn wound from the opposite direction



On the knitting side, I’ve been working on a lot of projects for the family. I have 2 adorable new pairs of longies finished, just need to lanolize and take pics. I’m working on a blanket so awesome that it will need its own post and on a pair of socks for me with yarn from an indie dyer swap I was in. This was super fun to do! I got


from my swap partner TwoToast. I’m working on Leyburn Socks, a lattice pattern type job. They are very pretty so far, but this is definitely a after kid bedtime project. I’ve made a number of socks before, but none with this type of patterning. It’s definitely a more interesting knit than plain. We’ll see how I like them when they are done.

In other exciting Nachomama news, I have a new logo in the works and some yummy yummy yarn headed my way. There is a giant blob of worsted squishiness headed my way from Uraguay and a bit of superwash merino DK from South America coming as well. I’m enjoying experimenting with different yarns and figuring out what’s going to be part of our regular stock.

Even more awesome customs

After the holidays, then the whole family being sick for weeks, I’m back in the dye lab. Here are the latest creations!


This is on Blackberry Ridge. I got to be creative here, just “something boyish” and I LOVE the result! The darker blue reminds me of the Crayola color “midnight blue”, my childhood fave!



Here is the other set, with one reskeined and one not to show the difference. These were hand painted with the colors of these pajamas as a model with long color repeats. Frankly, I think I nailed it and they look awesome!



These lovelies will be going out, along with reformulated samples of the wool wash, tomorrow!

I’ll be trying a couple of new techniques, some new yarns and a few new dyes in the next few days. Pics coming soon!