Orange you glad I’m done with these

Well, I finished some stuff up. I finished a super awesome pair of Evie Pants longies in a 2T size with some super soft amazing yarn. AND I forgot to take a pic. Maybe I can convince the mama to get me an action shot so I can show them off. I’m blaming baby brain on the lapse. I’m also blaming baby on the lack of knitting and blogging about knitting going on around her.

At any rate, I finished some stuff and took pics. Here’s the orange longies I was working on before. I ended up changing out the trim color. It’s now less rusty than it was here.


What’s more, 1 mitten down, 1 to go:

The palm:

The palm with the other side of the thumb showing:

Now, remember, these are the “no kids are on me” project, so the going is slow. Also, for knit nerds, these are done on size 1s. They have been super fun so far and I’m really pleased with them. I’ve started on the other one. Maybe it will be done before they are needed…

On the needles, stripey longies and the other mitten. Up next, a hat to match the longies and  a hat for me!


I’ve been working on my Ravelry queue

I sat down this weekend and planned out some fall/winter project for myself, picked out some patterns, lined them up in my Ravelry queue. If you’re on Ravelry and want to stalk me, I’m IL-Nachomama on there. At any rate, I have a lot in mind! I need to finish up a couple of custom longies I’m working on. They are super duper cute so far. I showed off my progress to a mama today and she is psyched, as am I. I’m still working on the gnome mittens. Progress is slow on those since they are my “after all small people are asleep” work.  I’ll be making a cardi for Big Brother.  I think we’re going to dye some yarn up for it together later this week. He loves dyeing with me, so that will be really fun.

A dear friend brought me a surprise bag of awesome yarn from Tuesday Morning of all places. Some of that is going to become my winter hat. Then, I think I’ll have to make some new Glittens. I think I lost one last year, which makes me so so sad. BUT, it’s a super fun pattern, so I’m not sad about having to redo.

For Baby Sister, I’d like to bang out a couple more pairs of S/M size Evie Pants. We just moved up to that size and I feel like it’s going to fit her for a while, probably the whole winter. She seems to be growing more slowly than Big Brother did, which is good for me, since I’m trying to have her wear all wool pants! I definitely want to make her some sort of soft toy, maybe a giraffe. I found a really cute pattern for some fuzzy guys, using some furry yarn. I’m sure I still have some in one of my bins from when those hairy scarves were a big thing.  I’d like to make her a Something Beautiful Shrug, but there is just too much in line in front of that! Maybe for spring…