New knitters!

So, some exciting news for NachoMamas Knits: we’ll be having some fellow knitters featured here as well. Keep an eye out for intros and pics from these gals in the coming days.


I’m back!

Well, I had my baby on June 23. I’ve been babymooning, getting into the swing of having 2 kids. I’m working a little knitting time in, getting back on track. I’m actually finishing up my first post baby custom tonight, hopefully. So, I’m going slow, but I’m back. Stay tuned for some super cool stuff. I have some awesome ideas and maybe some new peeps to talk about before too long. Thanks for you patience! Baby S has really been enjoying all of her knits. At 5 weeks old, she’s outgrown her newborn sized soakers. I’m still glad I made them. They fit just right from the get go. I love having a breathable option for her with cloth diapering. Plus, they really are so so darling!