Choosing a base

If you aren’t sure which base yarn to get, just ask! I’ve knit most of them and handled the rest quite a bit. I can steer you in the right direction. There are no dumb questions!

A bit about some of the yarn choices

Purewool 3ply
This economical Uraguayan yarn is so ridiculously soft. It is ideal for newborns or anything worn next to sensitive skin. The 3 ply pills much less than single ply without sacrificing a lot of softness.


Gaia Bulky
This super soft base is perfect for newborns or those with sensitive skin. I would definitely call it “heavy worsted” rather than bulky.


Mountain Meadow Wool
This worsted base is soft, but stands up to toddler use. I’m proud to offer this environmentally friendly base! From their vegetable based cleansers to the small ranches they work with, the company is all about sustainability.


Licorice Twist
This is the 1120, a light worsted. This base is really soft and cuddly. The thinness makes is a great choice for summer woolies. This yarn is spun with one ply of superwash and 2 of non-superwash, which creates a barberpole effect on the yarn when dyed.


4 ply Merino,
This economical base is sourced from humanely treated sheep. I’d call it medium on both softness and pilling. Also available in superwash.


Working on blurbs for the rest. Just ask in the meantime. 🙂


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