Skirty for Sarah

Actually, this super cute skirty is for Sarah’s daughter. She’s allergic to wool, so this is made in machine washable acrylic.

and the attached soaker has a heart on the booty!


Finished some cute cute stuff!

I just got done with a few things for my baby, a ruffle butt soaker and a skirty with a super cute butterfly edging. Pics coming when I’m less lazy. I picked up some yarn for a skirty for trade today. Tonight, I’m starting on a pair of board shorts for trade. Did I mention I’m so trade-friendly?

Here’s some pics!

Ruffle butt soaker, size newborn. This is an Evie Pants, made with Purewool, super super soft!

And the skirty, also and Evie Pants


Detail on the butterfly hem

And the built in soaker under the skirt