Coming home outfit

I finished baby girl’s soaker to wear home from the hospital. Check out the little flowers on the drawstring! The shirt I had custom made to match. I love it!

I can’t wait to have an actual baby to put in all of this adorable fluff!


Finished some stuff for baby girl

This is our first matchy match set. I wish I could take credit for dyeing this super soft yarn, but I can’t. It’s Sugar Bubbie on BFL. I’ll be making a soaker from this for baby girl’s coming home outfit, too. I just had a shirt handpainted to match!

The set


Close up of the flower

Close up of the cuffs. I love these!

The hat has a matching flower “growing” out of the top!

I am so pleased with how this set turned out!

I’m on a roll! More stuff for Amanda

I love doing customs for Amanda E Photography. I get to do all sorts of new and different things, come up with my own patterns and modifications AND see my work on adorable new babies! You can see my caterpillar set on a teensy one here.

I just got done with several new items for Amanda.

Watermelon hat (yarn dyed by me)

Munchkin hat (pattern by Neanner here)

And a super stretchy hat. This will look super cute on a head. It looks sort of deflated without one and I don’t have the right sized head for try on pics around here.

Skirty for Sarah

Actually, this super cute skirty is for Sarah’s daughter. She’s allergic to wool, so this is made in machine washable acrylic.

and the attached soaker has a heart on the booty!

The cutest set I’ve ever made!

This set is part of another lot of stuff I’m doing for my favorite photographer Amanda E¬†This one was by special request. I dyed the red yarn and the green sack yarn especially for this set. I redid the eyes so they are bigger and more caterpillar-like, but, unfortunately, I forgot to take another picture. These got delivered to Amanda today, so it’s too late! Hopefully, soon, I’ll get a pic of this set with an actual newborn wearing it. I know my baby will be when she comes out!¬†

Anyway……. the cutest set I’ve made so far:

They eyes are much bigger than this now, very buggy!

Another super cute item for Amanda:

Stay tuned for more cute stuff, coming soon!

Something for my baby!

I actually have a teeny bit of downtime between orders, so I’m getting to work on something for my little bean. I got this yarn in a trade and it is amazing! These will be longies. I’m not sure what sort of cuff, something ruffly for sure.

In other news, my giant Purewool order will be here soon. When I get caught up a bit, expect pics of yarns you get have made into something snazzy.

Custom dyed yarn

I have some super cute customs coming up. I dyed this yarn for possibly the cutest custom set ever. I really can’t wait to get started on it. The yarn isn’t even dry yet!

This pic doesn’t capture well how really multi tonal this yarn is. It’s going to be a super neat set!

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