Dye prices

I just updated the “About” section with prices for my hand dyed yarns. If this is something that interests you, shoot me an email at nachomamasknits@gmail.com You can design your own yarn, leave it to me or we can work out something together. I use professional acid dyes so your knitted items can be as wash fast and light fast as possible. I’m happy to use food dyes if you’d like my kids to help with the dyeing process. They love it and come up with some creative combinations, like the Big Brother Sweater.

Prices for hand dyed yarn, for a 3.5 or 4 oz skein:

Purewool- $14

100% Merino- $14

Cestari Traditional- $12

Cestari Fine- $20

Blackberry Ridge- $20

Gaia- $20

Mountain Meadow Wool- $21

Licorice Twist- $21

Subtract $4 from pricing for solid or semi solid. 2 oz solid or semi solids also available. Scrappy sets also available. Prices do not include shipping. If you’re interested in a different base, message me. I can likely oblige. Look for the selection of yarns to expand as my little dye business expands!

Also in the works is my very own lanolizing wool wash formula. I’ve been working on perfecting a natural wash, free of chemical fragrances. All of my line will be scented with only pure essential oils. We avoid artificial fragrances around here, especially for baby. The cleanser is natural, too, coconut based. I’m still in the tester stages with these, sending out a sample bottle with each order.


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