I’ve been knitting for 12ish years. I think I’ve sharpened my skills the most in the past 2 years. When Big Brother was a little guy, 2-3 years ago, I made him his first pair of longies. I just found some random pattern and make them. There were no short rows. I’m not even sure there were actual eyelet holes in the waist. The drawstring may just be shoved through randomly. I know all of this because Baby Peach is now the right size to wear these longies, so I’ve dug them out. Honestly, they look terrible. The quality and professional look of my knits has improved soooo much in this time span. I’ve picked up so many little tricks on how to make things look just right. It’s very interesting. It makes me wish I had more old old projects laying around so I could examine them. It’s nice to keep sharpening my skills.


In other news, I’m going to start doing testers for my hand dyed yarns. I’d like to expand that some and I think testers is a good first step in that.  I still have the first yarns I dyed 2 years ago. I’ll have to dig them out and see if I think they are awful also.

Here are some pics I took for that

“citrus-y” stuff for a custom


Fall colors for a custom



A better pic of that BBR I did for Baby Peach

On the FO front, I finished a pair of socks for a trade


Baby Peach’s awesome romper is almost done, just need to sew on the buttons, part of tonight’s mission. Then, casting on for more socks for that trade and a scarf for me. I also have some rainbow longies/legging longies on the needles for Baby. Then, Big Brother is due for a project.


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