Almost done

I am almost done with Big Brother’s rainbow sweater! I’m hoping to get out from under my pile of laundry (4 baskets to be folded today!) and finish it today. He tried it on this morning and was soooo happy. We still need to decide on pockets and dig around buttons. I am very fortunate to have inherited my grandma’s button box, so we’ll be sifting through that together later today.

Up next, I’ll probably go back and finish my fantastic Glittens. I sort of left them off when I started the sweater, thinking I would work on them both, and was so into the sweater that I never picked them back up. I’m hoping to simultaneously work on an awesome hat for BB. I’ll be doing a big reveal on that when I get done. I’ll probably then list a custom for said hat on The Plum Line and, maybe, one on Diaper Swappers in a WAHM trading thread. I would LOVE to trade some knits for WAHM gifts for the kids!

I really need to buckle down and get to knitting. I’ve been slacking a little, working on another project. Check it out if you’re so inclined

I did take some time last week to go to a knitting party where we taught several folks how to knit. It’s so fun to spread the love and so cool to have a little knitting circle. Our herd of kids romped about the playroom while we worked on our projects. Very Little House on the Prairie!


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