Girly Evie Pants and Young Einstein rambling

Got a pair of longies for Baby Girl lanolized. I’m already knitting a size M for her. She’s wearing the S/M size and it fits great, but she’s growing so quickly, I want to make sure I’m able to keep up. These are a little girlier than I normally go. I bought the yarn in a Purewool co-op. It’s 3 ply, dyed by them. I think it’s really pretty and girly.

In other news, I am really loving this Little Rascals pattern. I’m working on the Young Einstein cardigan. The E-book has a pullover as well. They all start the same way. The pattern is super well written AND, at the end, it has charts and tips for my very best friend, duplicate stitch! Soooo, I might have to be throwing some pockets on this bad boy to put embellishments on. There are options for 2 styles of pockets in the pattern. It really has a lot of customization available, collar, hood or neither, various pockets, different edging and cuffs. Totally worth the price! Here’s a sneak peek of how it’s going. Remember, this is the yarn that Big Brother and I dyed together. He wanted it to be rainbow-y and it definitely is!


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