Cartman hat

A dear friend of mine from back in the day, Ratso,  is fighting cancer, taking chemotherapy. I feel so sad about this. He is my former roommate, someone I really care for, even though our lives are so very different now and we don’t talk as much as we once did. So, I knit him a hat. It’s getting cold, more so, I imagine if you don’t have hair. I offered him the choice of a hat with duplicate stitching saying Fuck Cancer (my aunt had one of these before she died. It was pretty awesome.) or a Cartman hat. We used to watch South Park together all of the time and I’d actually made him a Cartman hat when I was a very new knitter. He chose the Cartman hat. I picked some 3ply Purewool, a favorite for baby items. It is soft as a marshmallow. I know hairless chemo heads can be sensitive, so I wanted something soft enough for a newborn. (If you know me, you know I’m super picky about what yarn is and isn’t soft enough for my newborn.) So, I dyed it up, the same weekend Big Brother and I dyed the yarn for his cardi. Now, Ratso is a bigger fellow with a largeish head, so I made him measure it to make sure I would be making something big enough. Then, I just sort of winged the pattern because I’m awesome like that. The result:

Then, I really wanted to cast on for Big Brother’s cardi before I went to bed. Well, I was planning to do the Something Beautiful Shrug and modify if to be full length (instructions are given). Well, it was late and I was trying to figure out what to do to add buttons down the whole thing and it was just too confusing for 1130 at night. So, I decided I need to make it as is before I try revamping it. Then, it was back to the drawing board, aka Ravelry pattern search. You know, it is almost impossible to find a seamless pattern for a plain, stockinette stitch cardigan. Just a regular cardigan. No stitch pattern. No poofy, weird sleeves. Just a regular cardigan. I finally found one ish. I cast on and I love the way the yarn is working up so far. We’ll see how it all pans out, I suppose.


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