For Pete’s sake

I’ll tell you, I would blog a lot more if I didn’t have to get pics from my camera to the computer to do it. There’s always a MILLION pics on my camera, of kids, of yarnie stuff, diapers I’m selling, all sorts of stuff. Then, I have to sort it all when I put it on the computer. So, I’m forever procrastinating that job and it causes me to procrastinate blogging. Excuses, excuses, I know.

Well, here’s this darling sweater. I did a little matching hat, too, just because I’m so nice. 🙂

The buttons aren’t on yet, as the mama will be adding them herself. I can’t wait to see what they look like!

I went on a dye binge weekend 2 weeks ago. Big Brother and I dyed some yarn that will become his cardigan. He picked the colors, helped me mix them and showed me where to pour them (with a little color blending guidance). It turned out beautifully! I can’t wait to make this into a super cute little sweater for my big boy.

I dyed up some other yarn that I’m knitting up right now. I’ll talk about that another day.

Oh, I’m now involved in an Etsy store, The Plum Line, with two good friends who are also very talented knitters (and 1 very talented dyer so far!). Very exciting stuff!

Last exciting thing for tonight, I just got a new pattern that I am super duper excited about! I’ll soon be knitting one up for the Etsy shop. I don’t want to divulge too much yet, but it is a themed hat, which I so super love, especially for the wee people.


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