Orange you glad I’m done with these

Well, I finished some stuff up. I finished a super awesome pair of Evie Pants longies in a 2T size with some super soft amazing yarn. AND I forgot to take a pic. Maybe I can convince the mama to get me an action shot so I can show them off. I’m blaming baby brain on the lapse. I’m also blaming baby on the lack of knitting and blogging about knitting going on around her.

At any rate, I finished some stuff and took pics. Here’s the orange longies I was working on before. I ended up changing out the trim color. It’s now less rusty than it was here.


What’s more, 1 mitten down, 1 to go:

The palm:

The palm with the other side of the thumb showing:

Now, remember, these are the “no kids are on me” project, so the going is slow. Also, for knit nerds, these are done on size 1s. They have been super fun so far and I’m really pleased with them. I’ve started on the other one. Maybe it will be done before they are needed…

On the needles, stripey longies and the other mitten. Up next, a hat to match the longies and  a hat for me!


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