Trade ideas

Updated 8/15

I am always willing to consider doing knits for trade, rather than cash! I love WAHM stuff: clothes, unusual jewelry, all things crunchy, try me!

Some ideas for now:

(stains OK, good elastic and closures a must)
-apparently, I’m a sucker for cute fitteds, sized to fit a 13 lber on up or one size. I’m very interested in prints based on classic children’s books. I’d love to try Orange Diaper Co, Sbish, Elbees, KL Marvel, Bububebe, Sticky Peas, Bugga Bugga Boutique. I love Mutts, particularly M/L Babyshapes. Snaps or snappiable, not an Aplix fan.
-I’d consider fleece or wool covers embellished with characters from children’s books (no Pooh).
-Goodmama hip snap covers, maybe 2 pair

-try me on nursing tops, tanks and jammas, size M or L

-Sweet Pickles books, we have some already, try me on titles.

-I’m interested in hand stamped items, but picky
-I’d love to get some colored glass straws, preferrably bent ones

-I’d love an assorted pack of biodegradable poly mailers
soft yarn for knitting, Purewool!, MM on Gaia, other super soft/HC or super soft undyed



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